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Nom du produit : Achats Bonne Qualité Beats By Dre Studio Zebra Print Over-Ear Headphones
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Details: Similar to just about all Monster Earphones, the appearance of the actual Monster Beats By Dr Dre Studio Zebra Print Over-Ear Headphones can also be very fashionable. In terms of the performance, this particular headphone is an extremely great noise canceling headset, from your appearance, it is nearly remarkable. Because of this, a lot of trend customers look at the earphone something for a trend declaration. This particular wireless headset may be the most common over-ear headphone for fashion-conscious people. The reason why it end up being the favorite regarding trend people is the headset not just have excellent and trendy physical appearance design and excellent noise reduction impact, but also they may be adored by way of a great deal of stars. This wireless headset is actually noise cancelling as well as built to become collapsible which are the the majority of necessary features for the people when going out. We can say that it's not unintended for this headphone to become a traditional.
* Wire change design
Superior innovate, for which the patents is cable technology and can wire change design, which make people shock.

* Unique miniature jack
Monster Headphone adopts elegant connector design to reduce volume and reduce unnecessary pressure, reject earphone connector and port damage.

* Adoption of advance technology and develop the earphone wire
The great cable is not give out low voice and loss original sound. Advanced of 4/4 Quadrepola design will effective to decline perfect balance voice and extremely clear signal loss.

* It's equipped with the clear wiping rag
Super soft rag "Aegis" the microbial shield clean studios luster and control the bacteria, so you can let them look gloss and no fingerprint

* The preventing scratches technology
The advance material make studio more outstanding. Hardware and prevent scratches make them look good, what more they are large used.

* Advanced driver design for precise audio clarity
* Extra large speaker drivers for super deep bass
* High powered digital amplifier plays hip hop, rock, R&B and more loud, without distortion
* Monster headphone cable with QuadriPodle twisted pair construction for balanced sound and clarity
* Powered Isolation technology actively cuts external noise
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