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Nom du produit : Classique Le Moins Cher Authentique Beats By Dre Solo HD Blanc ControlTalk Headphones
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Details: The particular Monster Beats By Dr Dre Solo HD White ControlTalk Headphones perfectly includes the current style as well as superior headset producing technology, decreasing the ecological noises evenly, to guarantee the smooth and also natural sound, gently interpreting each and every notice, our prime frequency part is actually crystal, clear with no noise, and the mid frequency portion is actually exact and also convincing, the particular bass is full without exaggeration. The earphone can be a headphone every person wants. On the bass, this headset functions very superb, moderate quantity of perception, coherent, quickly as well as heavy, provides certain feeling of bodyweight. About the overall performance with the audio, the particular earphone will not emphasize upon individual, although attempting to express music ethics, it does not show the actual showy decor within the music, however expose the profound concise explaination music, it offers the unadorned in order to replay the original sound.
Clearer sound. Deeper bass.
Beats Solo HD headphones are the only Beats by Dr. Dre that come with not one, but two speakers inside each can. That means you get crystal clear highs and deep, rumbling lows in high definition.
Almost impossible to break.
Every pair is now constructed of super-durable, flexible material, reinforced with a metal strip to make sure it never comes apart. They look good, too-every pair of Beats Solo HD headphones feature the same high-quality clear-coat finish you find on a luxury sedan.
Built-in mic for calls.
Switch easily between songs and incoming calls. No need to take off your headphones or talk into the phone like a walkie-talkie.
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