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Nom du produit : Commande Acheter Meilleur Beats By Dre Studio Diamant Lamborghini Headphones
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Details: Much like all Monster Earphones, the appearance of the actual Monster Beats By Dr Dre Studio Diamond Lamborghini Headphones can also be extremely stylish. With regards to the performance, this headset is definitely a excellent noise canceling headset, in the appearance, it's practically impeccable. For this reason, a lot of style consumers think about the headset a tool for a style assertion. This headset will be the many acquainted over-ear headset regarding fashion-conscious people. Exactly why this get to be the preferred for style folks would be that the headset not merely have got outstanding and trendy look layout and excellent noise reduction impact, but in addition they may be adored by way of a large amount of celebrities. This particular wireless headset will be noise cancelling as well as built to become collapsible what are the most necessary qualities for those when going outside. We could claim that it is not unintentional for this headphone to be a traditional.
* Extra large speaker drivers for super deep bass

* Active noise isolation

* High powered digital amplifier plays rock, R&B , hip hop and more loud, without distortion

* Monster cable with QuadriPodle twisted pair construction for balanced sound and clarity

* Extreme Comfort
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