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Nom du produit : Légitime Authentique Vert Beats By Dre Mixr Headphones Bon Marché
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Details: Using the hi-def Green Monster Beats By Dr Dre Mixr Headphones, you no longer need to bother with the actual failing associated with finding a set of fashion headphone. This particular pair of Monster Earphones is actually well-built to bring the actual effective bass, the particular sleek and also ultra-lightweight structure improves the putting on ease and comfort and style better. The headset is comfortableness designed to bring the best comfortableness with regard to long-time hearing. Simple and tiny design delivers high quality sound quality. The particular headset allow you to relax and be fully absorbed within the music. Beats By Dre supplies the highest quality as well as the most incredible sound banquet for those individuals who really like music. This manufacturer is actually favored all over the world. Regardless of whether at home or outdoors; about the stage, in the studio or in the particular DJ console; or on the galleries and museums, concert halls, etc, you will find this. Take pleasure in the most distinctive tuning in experience during these headphones today!
* Professional level sound
Created in partnership with two-time Grammy Award-winning producer and world-renowned DJ David Guetta to deliver best-in-class sound for a professional DJ or casual user.

* Sturdy-yet-lightweight design
Designed with durability in mind for convenient transport. Ultra-flexible headband, sturdy, metal earcups, and a quick-fold design for compact and easy storage make MIXR perfect whether you're in the club or on the go.

* Rotating earcups
Earcups cut off ambient noise or swivel back behind the ears to allow users to hear their surroundings.

* Dual-input connectors
Convenient dual inputs let you plug in from either the left or right side. Use the extra input to Daisy chain headphones for a second listener.

* Adjustable and comfortable fit
Adjustable headband slides for a perfect fit. Extendable earcups also pivot up, down and side-to-side to ensure a plush and flexible fit around the ears.

* Great look and design
A slick matte finish, available in either black or white.
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