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Nom du produit : Légitime Bon Marché Authentique Beats By Dre Studio Chameleon Or Headphones
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Details: The Monster Beats By Dr Dre Studio Chameleon Gold Headphones provides a all new high quality and description sound experience for many fashion-conscious songs fans. This kind of wireless headset includes Monster world-renowned audio tracks engineering, continues the particular creativity regarding Beats By Dre brand names and headset manufacturing series, in order to creates a amazing as well as effective private hearing solution. Listen to the music activity within the earphone, the particular sound placing is obvious, the splitting up is great,longitudinal acoustic area will be easy, high-frequency density and powerful overall performance are delicate, temporary sense will be powerful. Returning to the actual take songs, the actual sound from the headset is absolutely excellent. The actual bass overall performance is absolutely effective. The particular stay scene specifics of the particular Pop band could be entirely keep, the particular sound separation will be neat without problem. The human words has a very good sense of encirclement, complete, strong and outstanding, and does not be drowned by the music. The mid frequency analysis is actually apparent. Excellent sound efficiency includes along with stunning appearance style, offering the actual unequaled songs experience for many followers.
* ColorWare Collection Illusion Beats Studios

* Limited Time Only

* Each pair is uniquely engraved

* Includes: ColorWare Collection Classic Ultrasuede carrying case

* Blue to Red-color shifts from blue to warm red, purple and copper

* Red to Gold-color shifts from red to orange, gold and slight hints of maroon
* Gold to Silver-color shifts from gold to a radiant, yet icy, silvery blue and green
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