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Nom du produit : Luxe Remise Chaud Rose Beats By Dre SOLO Colored Diamant Headphones
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Details: Presently, the actual sound top quality is not the only real regular to look at the high quality regarding earphones, regarding younger users, the appearance of the actual headphones is a key to take into account. Based on fashion physical appearance and also excellent sound high quality, the particular Hot Pink Monster Beats By Dr Dre SOLO Colored Diamond Headphones even has a noise cancelling characteristic, achieving the use needs of high-end person organizations. The particular gifted and also well-known superstars on earth also use Beats By Dre Headphones, as well as the music lovers. If you're additionally a audio lover, don't miss out the particular headphone. Featuring great efficient layout, this kind of head set is easy, trend and lightweight. This functions comfortable and breathable ear pads, adhering to the particular steady fantastic design associated with Beats By Dre. The brilliant color enables you to create a fashion assertion, featuring your unique taste. Putting on the particular headphone, you will have wonderful mood to be able to experience the ultimate within sound top quality.
* New Super-durable Headband
Now constructed of super-durable and flexible material to virtually eliminate cracking and breaking.

* Built-in Mic for Hands-Free Calls and Online Chats
Controltalk's built-in mic lets you talk hands-free on your iPhone or music phone. It works with online voice or video chats on iPod touch or iPhone.

* Control iPod and iPhone the Easy Way
Controltalk gives you on-cable playback control of your iPod or iPhone, including pause, next track and volume.

* Folding Design and Touring Case
Solo's three-way folding design makes packing up for storage a breeze. Plus, the included touring case features rugged construction for enhanced protection of your headphones.

* Available in White and Black
If you like things on the lighter side, in addition to the traditional Beats by Dr. Dre black, Solos also come in white.

* Monster Clean Cloth
Ultra-soft cleaning cloth with AEGIS microbe shield cleans Solo's finish and controls germs.
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