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Nom du produit : Nouveau Acheter Original Soul By Ludacris Headphones Jaune Noir
Modèle : vfwpost73830604
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Details: The progressive ergonomic office design makes the Soul by Ludacris Headphones Yellow Black more at ease to put on each time. The particular closed-aural style successfully obstruct external noise whilst unilateral headphone cable can reduce turning. Fantastic sound quality, special layout. The particular modern and funky appear boosts the fashion style. Particularly, the closed-aural earmuffs design fits your own ears, whether outdoor and indoor wear, or perhaps continuous hearing, the particular earphone will give you an exceptional experience. The high sound insulation shell structure can reduce most of the sound leakage phenomenon although cutting off the external environment's noises, in order that the audio provides clear sound. The particular superior car owner as well as circuitry layout provides superb bass, clear mids and also highs, produces high-precision audio tracks balance. This style will be lightweight yet extremely tough. The unparalleled sound quality may allow your own soul get lost in the music. The appearance and coloring ways is absolutely exceptional, an excellent instrument with regard to style statement.
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