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Nom du produit : Officiel De Gros Monster Diesel Vektr Rouge On-Ear Headphones En Ligne
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Details: The look of the earphone carries on the standard generous however secure type, the curve with the headset is easy as well as smooth, ideal for young style individuals. Light however huge mind ray is made with light and also high-rigidity materials, comfortable with great resistance to bending. High-fidelity audio system, deep bass, filling dripping sound detail. Whether with all the Monster Diesel Vektr Red On-Ear Headphones for audio or even voice calls, you are able to get normal, realistic sound quality. Earmuffs wrapped in delicate material are compatible with very long time putting on without pressure. The actual headphone may be the fantastic combination of trend as well as pattern, it's an inescapable products regarding audio, communications and cell phones. Paragraphs notes delivered from pleasure, make an impression on hearing, have an effect on feelings, thrill spiritual journey in life. Experience the legendary sound overall performance with this particular headset which usually offers cristal and obvious highs, effective and also strong bass, incredibly in depth mids.
Ultra performance folding headphone co-developed by Italian fashion designer, Diesel and Monster
Tangle-free cable, features a unique triangular design with ControlTalk Universal
Touring case secure protection for your ear gear while on the go
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