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Nom du produit : Original Bon Marché Wholeale Beats By Dre Studio Wireless Bluetooth Rouge Headphones
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Details: The actual Monster Beats By Dr Dre Studio Wireless Bluetooth Red Headphones is not only comfortable to wear, but additionally functions outstanding sound quality, elegant yet fashion look, it isn't uncertainty a well used through Beats By Dre. Superb craftsmanship, comfy to put on, and very ideal for while listening. And the outstanding appearance make you rise above the crowd wherever you go in the headset. This combines exact sound and also sophisticated layout, getting advanced level of delight for your ear, and also reproducing real and also really high-fidelity sound quality for you. The actual earphone can also provide outstanding noise isolation letting you appreciate audio without getting disrupted, or distressing other people. This kind of headset is a great combination of eye-catching aesthetic style and also strong effective energetic bass. The actual closed design can easily effectively obstruct the surface sound, so that you can take pleasure in the wonderful audio in a variety of environment. It's your ideal companion for sound entertainment around the clock.
Beats Wireless headphones feature powerful sound, as clear and strong as any wired headphone. They also come with a cable you can plug into if you don't want to go wireless.

Longer battery life means you can listen to your music for hours without interruption. To recharge your headphones, just plug your Beats Wireless headphones into any computer or USB port.

Stream audio from your laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device-even TV's-from up to 30 feet away. Beats Wireless headphones support SBC, APT-X and AAC Bluetooth, which means you'll always have a high-quality stream.

Instead of digging around for your music player when you want to change a song, use the controls on your ear cup to manage phone calls and music
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