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Nom du produit : Original SMS Audio Rue By 50 DJ Noir Vert Headphones Officiel Boutique
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Details: The particular SMS Audio Street By 50 DJ Black Green Headphones uses the newest technology to offer accurate HiFi sound, and studio-level sound quality, it is superb sound enables you to can not assist carrying on. This kind of headphone makes use of all new design, quite feels good, specifically for extented hearing. The actual completely surrounded style can easily effectively isolate outdoors noises, which means you rapt immersed within the ocean of songs. Needless to say, this particular isolation is bidirectional, in addition, you do not have to be worried about the sound within your earphone may disrupt the people around you. The particular intoxicating listening experience happens to be inseparable comfortable putting on, the actual headphone is made for very long time putting on, letting you like a comfortable listening from beginning to end. The high quality transportable storage bag great balances transportability and security, totally solving the problem from the upkeep with the head set.
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