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Nom du produit : Vendre Noir Beats By Dre Pill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
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Details: The Black Beats by Dre Pill Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is definitely a must-have acssory for electric items. With Beats Pill, you can enjoy otherworldly sound anytime, anywhere. You don't have to endure the cloudy and poor sound quality from cellphone or computer any longer, besides, you will not feel your hands tied due to the telephone line. The Beats Pill is not just a technological miracle, but also a modern art. Its appearance and sound quality are extremely amazing. It has no messy cables or bulky body, whether it is on the desk, coffee table or cabinet, it can add a unique fashion to the surroundings.

Brand: Beats by Dr. Dre Mini Speaker Beats pill
Color: Red And Blue
Box: Beats Pill, 1.5m audio cable (3.5mm), USB 2.0 power cord, AC charging socket, portable package.
Product Interface: Audio in, Audio out, NFC, Red And Bluetooth, micro-usb
1.Beats Pill for overall volume: 190.5mm x 45.72mm
2.Beats Pill for overall weight: 0.34kg
3.Inside beats Sound effects and support wireless Red And Bluetooth connection.
4.Radio within the effective range of 30 feet.
5.It is suitable for iPhone and Android devices that have any Red And Bluetooth device.
6.Original Package.
Fast delivery time: within 24 hours send out packages,then offer tracking number soon

Les couleurs: Blue - /
Mots-clés: Beats Mini Bluetooth Speaker
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