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Monthly Membership Meeting

7:00 PM - September 15, 2009

Meeting at the Post Monthly

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You are eligible to join the VFW if you meet the following three requirements

  1. US Citizenship
  2. Honorable service with the US Armed Forces
  3. Overseas service in a foreign conflict, verified by:
    • Awarding of an approved campaign medal, device OR
    • Hostile fire/imminent danger pay OR
    • 30 consecutive or 60 non-consecutive days service in Korea

Member Dues:

Annual $30.00 per year

Life member current fee schedule shown below.  Payments may be made either as a one time, or in 12 or 24 month installments:

ATTAINED AGE BY 12/31 COST OF FULL 12 Month Payment Plan
 $35 first payment, 
 plus 11 payments of - 
24 Month Payment Plan
$35 first payment,
plus 23 payments of -
18-30 $425.00 $40.39 $20.23
31-40 $410.00 $39.02 $19.58
41-51 $375.00 $35.84 $18.05
51-60 $335.00 $32.20 $16.32
61-70 $290.00 $28.11 $14.36
71-80 $225.00 $22.20 $11.53
81+ $170.00 $17.20 $9.14

Deliquencies will be handled as follows:

  • Up to 30 days - continue to bill
  • 31 to 120 days - deliquency can be corrected through make up payment or plan end date pushed forward.
  • More than 120 days - member is dropped from the installment plan, all payments made to date, excluding service fees are applied to future years dues. Any excess amount will remain on the member's account.

If you have any questions, please call VFW Membership at (800) 963-3180, and ask for Life Membership.

In order to participate in either the 12 or 24 month payment plan, the "Life Membership Installment Plan Enrollment Form" must be submitted and a payment of $35.00 must be sent to the VFW, PO Box 119028, Kansas City, MO 64171-9028.

The $35.00 keeps you in good standing during the installment period; but is not applied towards the total amount due. After the initial payment of $35.00, you will have 11 payments for the 12 month period or 23 for the 24 month period remaining.

Upon enrollment, a "Provisional Life" membership card, indicating membership in good standing with the installment plan will be issued.  You can the monthly amount or pay in full. The monthly fee collected includes $1.75 administrative fee to assist in covering the cost of monthly billing statements.  Payment may be by check or credit card.

A "Payoff amount" will be printed on each monthly statement, allowing you the option to pay in full.  If you pay off early, no additional monthly administrative fees will be collected.

A permanent Life Membership card will be issued when the Life Membership fees have been paid in full. 

Authorization also available on line at: htpp//emem.vfw.org

When all payments are made, a VFW Life Membership will be issued.