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Post 7383 Year 2008 to 2009 in Review

Franklin-Sloan VFW Post 7383 Year-in Review: 


June 2008


  • Elected Officers for 2008-2009 assumed their elected positions.
  • At the Department’s Convention, the Franklin-Sloan Post 2007-2008 Past Commander Jim Roberson and Quartermaster Paul Hiser received the “ALL STATE” coveted white hat.
  • The Post presented a Certificate of Appreciation for funds collected and donated by “The Back Nine Pub” for their poppy collection drive efforts.
  • Post World War II Veteran interviewed by young student age 11.
  • Assisted widow of World War II veteran with VA benefits.


July 2008


  • Post Officers and Program Committees were formed.  A plan of action was developed  to meet the goals established in the Department Programs 2008-2009 pamphlet.
  • A 4th of July Cookout was held with great participation.


August 2008


  • The VFW Commander-in-Chief issued a “National Recognition Award” and flag pennant for support the past year’s programs and missions. 
  • The Franklin-Sloan Post 7383 Men’s Auxiliary was instituted on the 2nd of August.
  • The Franklin-Sloan Post 7383 developed and launched a new professional and informative website that is specifically targeted to support Post Programs and Activities.  The web address is www.VFWPOST7383.org.  The development process specifically was done in such a manner so as to allow other VFW Posts to rapidly launch their own website using our footprint with minimal experience and expense.


September 2008


  • During the course of last year’s political campaigns, the Post made the hall available to both the Democrat and the Republicans Parties.  We were notified that the Wake County Republican party had invited Senators Bob and Elizabeth Dole to be guest speakers at their event.  Short of rendering honors, the Post Officers and members warmly received our State Senator and her husband, the former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole.
  • Gave $150.00 to a Veteran in Distress from Relief Fund.


October 2008


  • The Franklin-Sloan Post 7383 hosted the North Carolina Steel-Tip Dart Tournament. 
  • The Post presented a Certificate of Appreciation to the “Cary Ice House” who generously donated needed ice for the dart tournament.
  • The Post received the following:

1.      Twenty Six (26) Voice of Democracy Audio Essays from local high school & home school students.

2.      Six (6)  Patriot’s Pen essays  from local middle school students.

3.      A nomination for one VFW JROTC Medal from Cary High School.

4.      Nine (9) nominations from the Towns of Apex, Cary and Morrisville & Wake County Sheriff’s Department for first responder recognition awards

        including EMS (2) , Fire (3)  and Police (4) . 

5.      Two (2) nominations for Americanism Teacher of the Year

  • The Post Canteen held a Halloween Costume Contest that was well received by all on October 31, 2008.


November 2008


  • Assistance table setup for National Guard Pre-Deployment at RDU Armory.
  • The VOD and Patriot Pen Committees met and chose first, second and third place winners.  Our award recommendations including Post VOD/Patriot Pens winners were hand delivered to the Department Quartermaster and District Commander for further consideration.
  • The Post was invited to participate in a fundraiser for the Red Cross sponsored by several local organizations at Regency Park. Billy Ray Cyrus was the top listed performer, and a table to promote the VFW was manned by the Post Quartermaster and Post Trustee on November 8, 2008.
  • The Franklin-Sloan Post 7383 joined the Cary Chamber of Commerce.  This allows the Post to network and become a “Community Partner” with local businesses. 
  • The Post Commander, Senior Vice and VOD & Patriot Pen Chairmen presented Voice of Democracy and Patriot Pen Award Certificates to every student who chose to participate at their school in front of their peers.  The winners of each were invited to our awards banquet to be held on February 17th, 2009.
  • The Post Canteen cooked a thanksgiving meal and everyone was invited to attend. 
  • The Post donated $150.00 and 100 pounds of coffee to the USO RDU Airport facility.
  • Each year, the American Legion Post Cary & this post jointly contribute $300.00 each for needy food baskets.  Funds donated. 


December 2008


  • The Post hosted the “Tarheel” Submarine Veterans Pearl Harbor Day Dinner for the second year.  Members of the Post, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliaries served the dinner.  The guest speaker was the Submarine Atlantic Command Force Master Chief  who spoke about today’s submarine force and deployment schedules.  This is also a solemn occasion. “Tolling of the Bells” ceremony to remember each submarine and crew that was lost at sea was conducted.
  • The Post presented “A U.S. Flag” with certification that it had been flown over the Capital to a teacher at Laurel Park Elementary School, Apex, N.C. who took the initiative to have her students write to our post.  Their drawings demonstrated her commitment to teaching the children the values of democracy.

·        The Post Officers participated at a wreath laying ceremony on December 13th, as “Wreaths Across America” ceremonies are held nationwide.

·        Post donated $200.00 for long term care supplies, Durham Regional Medical Center.

·        Food baskets assembled at American Legion Post Cary; and, members of both organizations delivered baskets to low-income elderly in need.

·        The VFW Commander-in-Chief has issued the official recognition certificate to certify that the Franklin-Sloan VFW Post 7383 has adopted the 1-130 Attack Recon BN, a NC Army National Guard Unit who will deploy Spring 2009 to Iraq.

  • The Post held a food and toy drive.  All food stocks and toys were given to Helping Hands Mission, a local charity to help them meet their immediate needs.  
  • Post collected various toiletry items and donated it to the Durham Regional Medical Center. 
  • A Christmas dinner was served to all Post and Auxiliary members.


January 2009


  • The Post presents the “Adoption” Certificated to LTC Jeffrey Copeland, Commanding Officer 1-130th on January 26, 2008.  We took this opportunity to meet and greet his staff and members of the Family Support Group.  We were briefed on their FSG activities, unit schedules and how the Post can assist. 



February 2009


  • The Post held our annual Community Awards Banquet on the evening of the 17th.  We served a great meal – Lasagna and Grilled Chicken with fresh vegetables.  We had more than 100 Guests and Post members in attendance.  The awards including Patriot Pens (3) , Voice of Democracy (3) , VFW JROTC Medal (1), Teacher (2) of the Year, EMS (2), Fire (3) and Police (4) for the Towns of Apex, Cary, Morrisville and Wake County Sheriff’s.
  • The Patriot Pen and VOD winners were awarded $100, $50, and $25 for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectfully.


March 2009


  • A donation of $100.00 was made to the National Military Services via the Department of North Carolina.
  • The Commanding Officer of the 1-130th ARB encouraged the VFW to establish a station in the armory and recruit new members during their pre-deployment processing day, the 10th of March.  As a result, the Post recruited 28 New Members with full immediate eligibility, 4 reinstatements/transfers and 18 who will be qualified when boots hit the ground in July. 
  • On request the Post made available our hall so that the USMC Recruit “Poole” Day event could be held.  This event brings parents, recruits and DI’s together to brief them on what to expect when they reach boot camp.
  • The 1-130th Family Support Group requested the use of our hall to facilitate a FSG meeting.  We made our hall available and all Post Officers were in attendance on the 26th of February.  
  • A number of Post Officers from the Post, Ladies and Men’s Auxiliary attended the deployment ceremony for the 1-130th ARB on the 15th of March.


April 2009


  • The Post will present the VFW ROTC Medal to a cadet at the North Carolina State University on April the 8th.


May 2009


  • We conducted a very successful Buddy Poppy Fund Drive at the Harris Teeter Grocery and a number of local eateries acted as collection points.
  • A Remembrance Ceremony was held on Memorial Day; and wreaths were laid at the grave sites of the Post Name Sakes.

June 2009

  • A Post Deligation participated in the VFW Department of North Carolina's State Convention.
  • The Franklin-Sloan Post 7383 was awarded (2nd year in a row) the coveted title of "ALL STATE POST" by the outgoing Department Commander, Larry Flood.
  • The Franklin-Sloan Post 7383 has been notified by the VFW National Commander that we are an "ALL AMERICAN POST" for the 2008-2009 year.
  • The 2009-2010 elected Post Officers assumed their Post's
  • The 2008-2009 year officially ended on June 30th.



  • In addition to the activities listed herein, the Marine Corp League Detachment No. 733, US Submarine Veterans Tarheel Chapter, the Vietnam Veterans of America Cary Chapter and the Cary Pop Warner Youth Football & Cheerleading League regularly meet at our post. 
  • The Post has received the charter for Venture Scouts Unit number 111; and our facilities are made available to them as well as other Boy and Cub Scouts Packs.
  • The Post has partnered with the Cary High School Naval JROTC marksmanship program. They use our facility to hone their skills; and store equipment.
  • Post Officers and members have been in attendance at each district meeting.
  • Post Officers and members been in attendance at the fall and winter Council of Administration meetings.
  • Plans to host a number of family events for the families of 1-130th are underway.


    Post 7383 Ladies Auxiliary has worked hard equally as well this past year. They have:


  • Provided and served lunch for 60 National Guardsmen’s at funeral for a soldier in Wilmington.
  • Donated funds to the VFW Children’s Home, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  • Volunteered services at the RDU Airport USO facility.
  • Supplied Uplink phone cards for troops abroad and at Walter Reed Army Hospital.
  • Sent care package to deployed unit in Afghanistan.
  • Donated $300.00 for canteen vouchers for the Durham Regional Medical Center canteen facility and other needed supplies as requested on their wish list for long term residents. 
  • Cooked and provided support to enable Post to host various events including the annual award banquet. 
  • Supplied gift cards to the National Guard Military Assistance Group at the 1-130th ARB that can be used for food or other necessities for distressed families.
  • Provide cards and letters from school children to deployed soldiers.
  • Sent out VFW and other military communications and updates.
  • Provided donations to the Salvation Army to purchase food stocks for their food bank.
  • Bought food and toys for helping hands drives.
  • Supported the Dorcas Shop in Cary, a local charity to aid local residents in financial distress.
  • Supported a long-term resident patient at the Murdoch Center, a health care facility for mentally challenged individuals.
  • Assist with resume and job searches for veterans.
  • Provide desserts for post functions.


 Post 7383 Men’s Auxiliary has volunteered numerous man-hours in various activities at the Post including:


  • Cooking and grilling for post functions and events.
  • Event setup/knock-down and other services for all post events.
  • Provided support personnel for Steel Dart Tournament.
  • Building and ground maintenance:

1.     Removal and installation of new ceramic floor tiles in kitchen.

2.      Replacement of ceil tiles and light fixtures.

3.      Painting and general repairs to post buildings & equipment.

4.      Flower Bed and Lawn maintenance.